Global market is becoming the next standard.

Regardless of ethnicity or nationality, various people
will head towards the same “target”.

Japanese company to world company.


TARGET is a members only service that assists high-career foreigners wishing to change jobs with the purpose of working in Japan.

Even until now, unusual among developed countries, Japan has been surviving by a tremendous amount of domestic demand.
However, as the latest news shows, Japan is beginning to come up against many inevitable problems, such as a population decline due to aging.
It is said that by 2050 the japanese working-age population may fall from the current 80 million down to 50 million, with the domestic market diminishing accordingly. “What can we do about this almost certainly predictable future?”
TARGET started from that thought.

The objective of TARGET is to gather those exceptional human resources, from all over the world, that wish to work in Japan. This is TARGET's mission.

Fortunately the Japan created by our predecessors is still internationally popular. On top of this, the Tokyo Olympics taking place in 2020 will attract even more worldwide attention.

More than ever, we think this is our chance to create a new brand of Japanese company.

About company

Regardless of ethnicity or nationality, people from all over the world are heading towards the same “target”.
We have launched TARGET with this idea in mind.

Company's name TARGET Inc.
Date of the foundingJuly 1, 2014